Twitter Tags

Twitter Tags are also called hash tags. A hash tag is a word or sentence in a tweet that has a prefix. The prefix to tag looks like this: # on your keyboard. The tagged word in your tweet will then look like this: #hashtag. So, you use the # in front of a word without space in between.

Why do people use tags like it on Twitter? Well, English isn't my native language but I'll do my best to explain it to you. De hashtag is just used to make it easier to search for topics of your interest. For example, if you look for tweets that are about the subject 'more followers' on twitter you can search for #morefollowers. BTW, if you need loads of followers, take Tweet Adder Downloaden. It's awesome!

What does #RT mean?

It means: ReTweet. It is just a request to ReTweet the tweet of one of your followers. You can also ask for a ReTweet yourself. Just write #RT at the beginning of the end of your tweet. Maybe someone will retweet the tweet for you.

What is the use of Twitter Tags?

Twitter tags make it easy to find items or subjects or people. If you use the hash tag in search you'll only get results you are really looking for. Only words that has the #prefix will be found in the search results. That way you can look for all kind of subjects. Several tags are used often, like:

  • #FB = follow back
  • #RT = retweet

When do you use the hash tag?

You use the hash tag on Twitter if you want people to be able to find your tweets about a certain subject. It can be a star like #ladygaga (not #lady Gaga) or it can me anything else like #love or #humor. You get the #picture? Tags on Twitter are just great to make it possible to find what you are looking for. You just don't use space between words if you tag them.

Create your own Twitter tags

You can create your own hash tags on Twitter. Just put the prefix in front of a word or in front of a group of words and people will find it. It is great to find tweets about subjects that you like. You can use more tags in one tweet. You can alsop tag your twittername or real name of course. Just don't use space between the words you tag.

How to search for someone on Twitter?

If you know someones twittername it is easy to search for a person. Just search for the name in the search option. You can also try finding people by tags.

More followers

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