SocialOomph. How does it work?

SocialOomph is a really cool service with many features that will help you to become succesfull with social media like Twitter, Hyves, and so on. Great for auto-tweet, auto-follow on Twitter, and it provides so much more than that. Is is awesome and you really should try this out yourself. But how does SocialOomph (get it here) work?

To illustrate how wonderfull the tools are, you can watch the movie in this article/review. It wil make you happy to see how easy it is to use SocialOomph is, and how lucky we are this excist. Have a look on the movie below. This is how you auto-tweet on Twitter with SocialOomph

Auto-Tweet or Auto-follow Twitter on Twitter with SocialOomph

Tools for twitter or other social media

SocialOomph provides (offers you) many tools to make social media succesfull. Lot of it is free.

Tweet for a week?

It may sound odd, but with SocialOomph you can arrange your tweets for a week in advange. You decide when the sevive will tweet them for you. You can also use auto-follow, to make sure you'll followe back every follower you get.

Dear friends, English isn't my native language but I do hope you'll forgive me for writing in Eneglish anyway. I'm so in love with SocialOomph that I had to do it.