Million dollar page

The Million dollar homepage is a page on the internet, loaded with tiny ads. It made a student a milionair. He sold pixels on the million dollar page. Advertising on that page became a hype because the idea was very good, and the student, Tim Stackpool, became famous and rich…

About 5 years later the succes of Tim Stackpool is still alive. The page is still online and thousands of visitors keep visiting daily. The advertisers state their sales grew like crazy since the page got famous. And now we have another Million Dollar Homepage, in Europe this time, called Again it is a huge succes. To get an Idea what the million dollar page is you can have a look at this clip:

The Million Dollar Homepage

Million dollar homepage and

Only a few days after HeelCool launched, advertisers began to buy pixels. Business. But not only for business. Also people that just enjoy to join the hype and who want to write history in Europe, advertise. And like Stackpol's Million dollar Page is HeelCool not expensive at first. The first ad did cost only 2 euros, the second 3 euros, and so on. So, the price goes up now that more advertisers want to join this lovely hype. Soon only the very rich can pay for the last pixels. If you want to join this great page, hurry! One ad at the website cost at the moment: 164,- euros (that's somewhere around $150,-) How does it work?

How to place an ad on HeelCool?

  • First: Make a Logo for your ad (size 20x20 pixels or larger. 30 x 30 pixels (Jpeg) is perfect).
  • Then surf to
  • Drag the green square to the spot where you want your ad to appear
  • Upload with one mouseclick your Logo or picture
  • Pay with iDeal or paypal the current price
  • Now you are famous for ever

Give this a shot. You wont regret it. It is just amazingly cool!