Millie Boele, Dutch girl murdered bij a policeman?

Millie Boele was a Dutch twelve year old girl. She vanished from her house in the Dutch city Dordrecht, at Wednesday March 10, 2010, around 17.30 PM. Millie arrived at her house maybe ten minutes before her abduction. Her parents, her brother and sister weren’t at home at the moment of her disappearance.


Picture of 12 year old Millie Boele

Millie Boele, what happened?

At 17.30 PM Millie Boele talked to her mother on the phone. Millie seemed fine at that moment. Suddenly Millie asked her mother to call her back later, because she had to answer the door. She told her mother there was a neighbor at the door. Millie Boele was missing since. When Millie’s mother called her daughter back around 17.40 or 17.45 PM, Millie didn’t answer her mobile phone. Her mother arrived at the house around 18.30 PM in the early evening. Millie wasn’t at home. Her pink bike was still parked outside the house and Millie had left her mobile phone at home. At first her parents weren’t too worried because Millie had said earlier she would visit a soccer-training-class of a friend in the early evening. Her parents assumed she probably already had left to go to the soccer training. When Millie still wasn't home at eight in the evening, her parents got very worried. Then they figured out Millie never went to the soccer training and they realized something bad could have happened to their daughter, and they alarmed the police. The police sent out an AmberAlert the next day.

The neighbor worked for the police

The person that abducted Milly from her house had left no trace. The police had no clue at first but ofcourse they did suspect the neighbors in the area. Six days after Milly's disappaerance policeman Sander V., who lived only a few houses from Milly's house, confessed to his girlfriend that he had killed Millie and that he had burried her in the garden. His grilfriend, also working at the police, convinced him that they really had to go to the police to tell the truth. They went to the police soon after his confession to his girlfriend, and the man was arrested the same day. Later that day Millie's body was found in a grave the garden of Sander V's house.