Many followers on Twitter

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Many followers on Twitter, how do you get many followers? Twitter is great because Twitter is very usefull to reach people, sell products, used for affiliate to make money, or to promote your business and so on. The more followers you get, the better it is for you. Your tweets will be read by many then. However, to get many followers without use of stunning twitter tools like Tweet Adder is very hard, but if you want more followers and you'll try to make your twitter-accounts grow without tools, I have several tips to get a few more followers a day:

Tips for more Twitter followers

  • Write tweets that people interest (news/jokes/funny thoughts)
  • Retweet the tweets of your followers on a regulair basis, they will do the same for you
  • Don't curse and don't use nasty words, most people think of it as tiresome to read
  • Be polite and friendly to others
  • Reply to tweets
  • Mention people now and then
  • Don't tweet every 5 seconds, take some time in between
  • Follow people and follow back if people follow you
  • But if you want many followers, like over 2000 tot 10.000 or more. use: This!!