Kindle eReader, best way to read?

eReaders are amazing. Like the Kindle eReader. Kindle DX eReader is very nice. You can download over 3000.000 booktitles (eBooks) for the Kindle eReader. Why would you go for an eReader instead of a book made of paper? (BTW, forgive me if my English isn't perfect, but I live in the Netherlands.)

Books made of paper will always be cool. Buy hey, we live in 2010 and now it is possible to carry a whole library of books with you, in just one device, the eReader. That's so great about the eReader. Also: the Kindle will read any book to you, (with a voice!) if that's what you prefere. So, now you can sit in your garden en close your eyes and the book will be read to you by a Kindle voice. Have a look at this eReader. (Fantastic!)

Kindle DX review

eBook are not expensive

Another great things about eReaders is the price of eBooks. Many, many, many eBooks are free or very cheap.

Kindle eReader

Kindle eReaders are available is several formats, large and small. Interested to know more? Have a look at your local shops.