How to Retweet?

If you're using Twitter there will come a day you want to Retweet a message. Or maybe someone else retweeted one of your tweets and now you would like to know how to retweet a message… Alhough English isn't my native language, I'll tell you some more about How To Retweet.

Twitter makes it possiple to retweet tweets. A retweet is like a repeat. So, if @SpyMacho is tweeting an interesting tweet, like:

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You can retweet it in two ways. You can copy and past the tweet and send it out as a message to your followers. Then you have to put the name of the original tweeter and the hashtag #RT in front, so your tweet, which is a retweet, should look like this:

#RT @SpyMacho How to get more followers, read the easy steps: have a look here

#RT hashtag

Hashtag #RT, by the way, stands for Retweet.

But you can retweet even easier. Twitter made it easy to retweet any message. Below every message you can find the word 'retweet'just click it and there you go.

When to retweet?

Retweet message that you really like, or retweet message of people you like. You can retweet news and interesting tweets, and so on. Remember that your followers will read the retweets.

When do people retweet you?

They will retweet you if your tweets are interesting or funny. They will also retweet your tweets sometimes, if you retweet theirs.


If youw ant to mention someone it means you tweet their twittername, like @SpyMacho in one of your tweets. Never forget to put the @ in front of a twittername.

Well, enjoy your Twitterlife:)